An Exhibition of Contemporary African Diaspora Art

The concept of AfroSoul is an expression of my curatorial commitment to celebrate Contemporary African Diaspora Art & Culture. The Exhibition is steeped in my reverence for Pan Africanism and a profound respect for African spirituality, resilience and the cultural achievements of African people globally despite the enormous challenges created by global racism.

2020 has been an extraordinary year for people of color. Although there have been systemic attempts to mitigate both our presence and power, through art & culture, we continue to show our determination to rise above the ignorance of racism. Consequently, the elevation and celebration of black culture is an act of resilience and rebellion against racial discrimination.

AfroSoul Exhibition is an online African Diaspora Art show that will feature the work of 20 contemporary black artists whose works are re-writing the narrative of the black experience and examining African spirituality, black identity, resilience and the global African Empowerment movement.

The murder of George Floyd and the documented, perpetual police brutality against African American males, ignited and unprecedented response to racial injustice and systematic racism globally. This resilience movement is an energy that cannot be dismissed, penetrated, denied or ignored.

AfroSoul is that energy that emanates from melanated beings. The Exhibition will celebrate the African resilience as manifested in the visual creative genius of people of color globally.