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The 9th Annual Art Basel Panel Discussion on Contemporary African Diaspora Art moderated by curator, Ludlow Bailey, convened on Sunday, December 9, 2018, at the Biscayne campus of Florida International University. The global African international panel included, Nigerian performance artist, Jelili Atiku, Jamaican American art historian, Sebastian Grant, an Egyptian artist, Shatha Al-Deghady, African- American art appraiser, Valerie Cooper, and African-American art critic, Julie Walker.

The discussion focused on Afrofuturism, post-colonial black identity and curatorial activism. The event was lively, captivating and transformative.  Professor Hinzten, Chairperson of the Africana Studies program at the University was highly pleased with the quality of event and made a public commitment to support 10th edition of ABPCADA in 2019. The event was framed by an art show featuring work by Ramel Jasir, Derrick Grant and Lyndale Pettus.