Miami, FL (November 25, 2019) – Art Advisor and Curator Ludlow Bailey, Managing Director of CADA Internaonal LLC (Contemporary Africa Diaspora Art), is pleased to announce the 10th Annual CADA Art Basel Panel Discussion on Contemporary African Diaspora Art. The event will convene on Sunday, December 8, 2019 from 12:00pm-3:30pm at the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami.

The Annual CADA Art Basel Panel Discussion on Contemporary African Diaspora Art was founded by Global Scholar, Art Advisor, and Curator of Diaspora Art, Ludlow E. Bailey, in 2009 at the University of Miami during the Annual Art Basel Fesvies in Miami, Fl.

Mr. Bailey’s vision was to create the Panel Discussion as a plaorm to both highlight, and celebrate, the extraordinary visual art achievements of the people of African Descent globally and to increase awareness of the social and economic growth and impact of African Diaspora Art worldwide.

Since its incepon in 2009, The CADA Art Basel Panel Discussion on Contemporary African Diaspora Art has received much recognion in the marketplace. It has garnered corporate sponsorships, investors and collectors’ interest, and is now celebrang its 10th year anniversary. The Panel Discussion has become the coveted, “go to event” for Global Contemporary Africana Art discourse during the annual Art Basel fesvies in South Florida.

The Panel Discussion has consistently brought together the leading voices in the Global African Diaspora visual and economic arts world. It has aracted local and internaonal art collectors, galleries, museums, art professionals, curators, writers, art historians, and art brokers that are in Miami for the Annual Art Basel Fair. The 10th anniversary program promises to be excing and engaging.

This year’s panelists will include Hannah O’ Leary, Director of Modern and Contemporary African Art, Sotheby’s London, Dr. Moyo Okediji, Professor of African Art and Art History, University of Texas, Ausn, Dr. Cheryl Finley, Professor of Visual Culture, Spellman, Dr. Chenzira Davis Kahina, Director of the Virgin Islands Caribbean Cultural Instute, Julie Walker, Art Cric and Nigerian American actress of Black Panther fame, Sopo Aluko.

The 10th Anniversary panel discussion will be focused on the rise of contemporary black aesthecs and culture, the economics of black art, African spirituality in Contemporary African Diaspora Art, and the life and mes of famed Nigerian curator, Okwui Enwenzor.